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New Blog Post ✨ + An Update from Victor (#4)

Victor Aiyeola / May 25, 2021
1 min read

Hi there, May is almost coming to an end. I trust you had a wonderful month 😏, well I did. I celebrated my birthday this month and it came with a lot of great experiences.

I'm glad to post another article on my blog 😎. how to Automate code tasks with Husky and Git Hooks 🚀. Kindly check it out.

I also made a review of the existing blog posts based on the feedback from a very good friend. Thanks to everyone that has contributed in the form of feedback and reviews. you guys are the best. Check Why I'm in software development (Revised) on the blog.

A re-review on the first blog post will come shortly.

Interesting things I found and feel I should share

  • Show your work - I enjoyed this read from Gift Egwuenu 💙
  • FS Blog - a master blog that helps you master the best of what other people have already figured out. You'll enjoy this platform.
  • - A weekly podcast about web design and development from James Q Quick and Amy Dutton.

Have the best of time.

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