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Why I'm in software development

Victor Aiyeola / February 02, 2021
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"Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfillment comes from why we do." - Simon Sinek.

When I tell people that knew me before writing one line of code that I'm now a software developer, a lot of them are surprised at that fact. Also, since I studied chemical engineering in university, most ask how I made that transition and all the time I would smile 😊 at their reactions. This article will shed insight into why I'm in software development.

Much like everyone I hope to change the world in any way I can, to be and do more for my family, society, and humanity at large. Be it to better the justice system, contribute to making a sustainable economy, or becoming the next big thing. Everyone shares these aspirations, but we all know there's a limit to the spheres of life one individual can have an impact upon. That's why one must have a vision, one must have focus, one must have a reason.

Why I chose software development as a career path

Career Growth 📈

The field of software development allows for growth, there are a lot of roles, from product management roles to engineer roles, designer roles to developer relation roles. The space for tech roles is wide and the level of expertise you attain is well within the control of your grasp, how ambitious you are will determine how far you'll go.

Job Availability 🏢

The vast majority of roles that exist in software development keeps the job market open and active, there are about a hundred job openings across different roles and levels of expertise every day, if not more than that. The community is looking for tech talent. Statistics have it that in the U.S. alone, the workforce in tech is not enough to satisfy the demand for the same. That shows that opportunities exist.

Compensation 💵

Truth be told, there is money in tech 🤑. The demand is high and supply is not enough yet. It's just economics, being a software developer feels like having a superpower 🦸‍♂️. Why not settle in a field that affords you the opportunity to be a star.

Sense of Fulfillment 😇

Software is bigger than the people involved in building it 💪🏼. From the startups that rose from Silicon Valley to become the giant organizations today to the startup in Africa making waves on the scene, being a part of the process, being a part of the community gives me joy, a sense of fulfillment above all else is a major reason for me to consider settling in software development

These and many more are why I'm in software development. I hope to contribute to the tech space, create tools and systems that add value, and find fulfillment as I take this journey.

If this speaks to you, leave a comment. Say something about why you've chosen that career path of yours 😏.

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